Vici Wellness Patches

If you don’t like taking vitamins or have hard time swallowing pills, these wellness topical patches are worth checking out! The Vici Patches contain natural ingredients that are released directly into your system. Vici offers many mind, body and soul solutions. My favorite are the Wake Up Call Patches and Scatter Brain Patches. When I first tried the Wake Up Call Patches I thought for sure it was just a placebo effect but nope! I actually felt a nice bump in energy and highly recommend this patch. The same for the Scatter Brain Patches–I feel calm, less anxious and can think clearly, and as a result I’ve become more organized. Visit the Vici website —

Infrared Sauna Blanket

For me, using a Sauna Blanket is another good way to relax and sweat. I purchased a generic Sauna Blanket on Amazon for about $100 bucks and I think the results are probably similar to the Higher Dose Sauna Blanket tested in the Goodful YouTube video.


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